GHS Mazhaiyur Children Educational Tour

*50 plus children* from *Mazhaiyur government high school* visited Chennai as part of *Dream India educational tour* on 24/12/2018. The children enjoyed a fun filled metro ride*, informative time at *Anna library* and *Birla planetarium*. This was followed by a visit to *Patterns office* and fun time at *beach*. We also had the great opportunity [...]

Bangalore Team – Kids and Volunteers Dinner Meeting

A family that eats together, stays together. In today's busy life we struggle to manage and find even one common meal time with family members in a day. But our Bangalore Dream India team is made of such wonderful people that volunteers and kids started this academic year with delicious dinner and time together at our ever [...]

Bangalore Weekend Classes Update – New Academic Year

Dream India weekly classes at Bangalore for this academic year has begun with a wonderful note... Congratulations to the Bangalore team. Report from our trustee Soma Joshi... "We had a wonderful day today with Shallu joining us and kids loved to be with her..we divided the kids into 2 groups today- I taught the younger ones and [...]

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Bangalore Weekend Classes Update – 18th June

Dream India Bangalore weekend classes update.. Great to see the next generation coming forward to teach children.... Varun Rangarajan And Marshniel Singh am sure Sid would take care of Dream India better than us ☺️ and also Kid Arzoo, thank you. Report from Soma Joshi, the ever energetic blessing for DI. Wow what an evening with kids...we had more students than ever today...the [...]

Bangalore Weekend Classes – June 25th Update

Dream India Bangalore weekend classes update from our trustee Soma Joshi, the team in Bangalore continues to inspire us. Awesome guys... We had a special birthday celebration as well...!!! More from Soma An amazing Saturday yesterday - We had 2 new volunteers Akshata and Kriti coming in and teaching the kids with full enthusiasm and the kids [...]

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Adyar Corporation School Weekly Classes – 29/06/207

At Dream India Patterns Action2020 weekly classes at Adyar corporation school today we had three new young volunteers teach the children. Thanks to Priya Karthik for referring Master Adhy Kumar, master Abhishek (both from US) and Ms. Aditee Srinivasan (from Australia) to volunteer and teach the children of Adyar corporation school. We also had Aruna Sekar and Aswaq Asu teach [...]

Kaakum Karangal Old Age Home Visit – July 2017

Had a wonderful evening with the residents of Kaakum karangal old age home. Awesome Dream India friends made sure evening was a memorable one for all...! Dream India is blessed with wonderful people... Elavarasi Rajesh and Rajesh Shanmugasundaram along with Master Suraj took extra efforts to ensure delicious mangoes and bananas were carefully bought and delivered in person.... And our best Rajender [...]

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Bangalore Weekend Classes – July 2nd Update

Dream India weekend classes at Bangalore study center. Thanks to all our wonderful friends and volunteers for the support. The children are really enjoying all the sessions. Update from our trustee Soma Joshi Today's class was yet another wonderful experience: Thanks to our new volunteer Sreekanth for making it today and as usual we had 1 round [...]

Bangalore Weekend Classes Update – 8th July Weekend

Dream India weekend classes at Bangalore. Bangalore team continues their good work and the snaps says it all on how much the kids enjoy the classes.. Superb...! Update from our volunteer Ms. Shyamili Arshiya. Hello friends .. yesterday was yet another class of kids performance...few kids became teacher themselves n teaching younger kids...then we had a [...]