Dream India Bangalore weekend classes update from our trustee Soma Joshi, the team in Bangalore continues to inspire us. Awesome guys… We had a special birthday celebration as well…!!!

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An amazing Saturday yesterday – We had 2 new volunteers Akshata and Kriti coming in and teaching the kids with full enthusiasm and the kids reciprocated the same by being so focused and eager to learn..
And basavaraj has told that he would be teaching the younger kids before I come today for the party…elder kids hv started giving back already.😊
My bua was so happy to see them all and tried to teach a few things her way..


Thanks Raj for celebrating ur kid Lakshit’s bday with our kids. They really had a great time with Lakshit, u and ur wife.
Thanks for ur wonderful gesture of distributing sweets, books and pens to kids
Please try to visit us often for teaching or other volunteering opportunities…🙏😊


Viji and Shefali were here today and assessed the kids reading levels..thanks for coming and assessing 😊

I got an alphabet game for kids today and taught phonics using the same. Also asked them to make words using these alphabets…used the chalk board behind to draw and identify words😊
Good progress seen in Kamala, Mariala, Madhu..
Also taught vedic maths to basavaraj, mallikaarjun, channabasava, bhimashankar…these kids grasp so quickly 😊

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Dream India Bangalore weekend classes update from our trustee Soma Joshi, the team in Bangalore continues to inspire us….

Posted by Natarajan Raman on Monday, June 26, 2017