Education for All update

Dream India is all about making Dreams come true at am Individual family level, then to the community and then to the wider spectrum. It's a life time journey. Almost 95% of our children contribute back to society in their own means. This special one guided another student who just joined the same college after [...]

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Education For All

Thank you The Hindu ūüôŹ Dream India team has received more than 100 applications in the last few days. Thanks for your support in the journey to reach out to the deserving children. Together We Can!!! Together We Should!!!

Education For All – Scholarship Update

Dream India Educational scholarships. "Education For All" - #educationforall #educationforallchildren There are many families who are still struggling to be back to the normal life and recover from the effect of pandemic. One such family where the father lost his job and was in dire need for support for the schooling of children was referred [...]

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Dream India Annual Report 2016-17

Dear Friends, Dream India Annual Report for the year 2016-2017 is ready and is available at Our sincere thanks and heartfelt gratitude to all our Friends, Donors, Auditors, Mentors, Well Wishers and Supporters. All the little we do is ONLY becuase of the wonderful support you all extends us. The part time NGO we are, the [...]

Adyar Corporation School Weekly Classes – July 27th 2017

At Dream India Patterns Action2020 weekly classes at Adyar corporation school today, we had our friends Harish Srinivasan and Aravind Abi from Infinite Engineers team start the dexter box experiments. Javeed Shaik from Patterns joined them to assist in conducting the classes. We started off with a note on Dr. Kalam and a recap of all the classes so far. Kids asked about the NRI volunteers [...]

Adyar Corporation School Weekly Classes – 29/06/207

At Dream India Patterns Action2020 weekly classes at Adyar corporation school today we had three new young volunteers teach the children. Thanks to Priya Karthik for referring Master Adhy Kumar, master Abhishek (both from US) and Ms. Aditee Srinivasan (from Australia) to volunteer and teach the children of Adyar corporation school. We also had Aruna Sekar and Aswaq Asu teach [...]

Bangalore Weekend Classes – July 2nd Update

Dream India weekend classes at Bangalore study center. Thanks to all our wonderful friends and volunteers for the support. The children are really enjoying all the sessions. Update from our trustee Soma Joshi Today's class was yet another wonderful experience: Thanks to our new volunteer Sreekanth for making it today and as usual we had 1 round [...]