*Action 2020 Patterns Dream India Project Vidhyalakshmi – CHS Adyar*

Dream India team is pleased to share the updates on our *weekly classes at CHS Kamaraj Avenue, Adyar*.

Our association with the school and weekly classes started in the year 2008. 

Session #07 was handled by *Mr. Aathil and Mr. Sanjai*. The children were given *maths puzzle* and they enjoyed solving them. The class was very interactive with children showing keen interest in understanding the logic behind the puzzle.

Following this, we had our *first birthday cake cutting celebration* for the year and all children who celebrated their birthdays in July, August and September cut the cake.

The session ended with *all singing the National Anthemn*.

We have been able to sustain and continue the classes since 2008 only because of the *wonderful support from all the well wishers and friends*.

We are confident of continuing our efforts to make a positive difference.

*Together We Can!!! Together We Should!!!*