*Project இரத்த தானம் – Blood donation*

*இரத்த தானம் உயிர் காக்கும் உயர்ந்த தானம்*

*Dream India* team thanks the following kind donor for the *kind donation of Platlets* and serving a *cancer survivor* from Arunachal Pradesh.

*Mr. Rizwan Sha (Patterns) and his family for his kind donation*

Quoting Mr. Rizwan Sha – “The entire process was *very smooth* . I have done blood donation a few times earlier but this is my *first platelet donation* . I had *zero pain* and *no discomfort* of any sort during this entire process. Am glad that this donation makes a big difference to the cancer survivor”.

Dream India team thanks Platlet Club for their guidance and support.

*Together We Can!!! Together We Should!!!*

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