Dream India Educational scholarships.

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There are many families who are still struggling to be back to the normal life and recover from the effect of pandemic.

One such family where the father lost his job and was in dire need for support for the schooling of children was referred by my dear brother and Dream India Trustee Mr. Aravindhan Kumar and Mrs. Vijaya Lakshmi Aravindhan.

Thanks to the kind support from the following well wishers, we were able to support the both the children today by our one time Covid scholarships 15,000 INR each.

Thank you Ragothman H Rao sir, Seetalakshmi Muthukrishnan madam, Sathyanarayanan Poothodiyil sir, Sreenivasan Ganesh sir and Eswaramoorthy Kaliappan. This timely support makes a very big difference to them. 🙏

Together We Can!!! Together We Should!!!

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