*Project Vidhyalakshmi – Kannagi Nagar Study Center – April 24th, 2022*

*Dream India* team conduts *weekly classes* for the children of *government schools and our own study centers* in various places under “Project Vidhyalakshmi*.

After a long break due to Covid, we managed to *resume our classes at Kannagi Nagar Study Center*, Chennai, thanks to the *wonderful efforts of Dream India Trustee Dr. Sanjeevi Prasath, Dream India members Ms. Jeeva Jothi and Ms. Rupa*.

Our team started reaching out to children and with the support of our volunteers, *Dr. Karthik, Mr. Rajasekar, Ms. Pavithra, Master Mishanth* had our first class today and started our interactions with children.

We had the children *divided into two groups* and gave them *writing as well as verbal activities/lessons*. We plan to make use of the summer time and enable the children learn new things.

Request you to reach out to us *if you are interested in volunteering* teaching the children. Thank you.

Together, let us do our best for the kids. *Together We Can!!! Together We Should!!!*