Dream India weekend classes at Bangalore. Bangalore team continues their good work and the snaps says it all on how much the kids enjoy the classes.. Superb…! Update from our volunteer Ms. Shyamili Arshiya.

Hello friends .. yesterday was yet another class of kids performance…few kids became teacher themselves n teaching younger kids…then we had a round of poem learning and two lettered words in English …also we has alphabet n phonics grasping correlating to their name pronunciation. And at last a wonderful round of kids dancing…sharing few pics n videos.

Our other volunteer Kriti joined us with lot of enthusiasm…n taught problem solving in maths for elder kids…

Soma Joshi Aswathy Pillai Varun Rangarajan Neha Agrawal Marshniel Singh Subramanian Janakiraman

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Posted by Natarajan Raman on Sunday, July 9, 2017