At the Dream India Patterns Action2020 weekly classes at Adyar corporation school today, we had Aswaq Asu, Javeed along with the three volunteers from USA and Australia, master Adhyaksh Kumar, master Abhishek Kumar
and Ms. Aditee Srinivasan conduct classes for the children.

The three special volunteers had got some activity sheet. The children enjoyed working out the activity sheet. We did a recap of the last two weeks and this was followed by a session on “common mistakes” made while talking in English.

The kids who performed well were given special gifts. Class ended with special chocolates being distributed and national anthem.

Also, we have got approval for the special volunteers to conduct some special sessions on a daily basis for the children till they head back to their schools. Our special and sincere thanks to the young volunteers. Prime Point Srinivasan

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At the Dream India Patterns Action2020 weekly classes at Adyar corporation school today, we had Aswaq Asu, Javeed along…

Posted by Natarajan Raman on Thursday, July 6, 2017