At Dream India Patterns Action2020 weekly classes at Adyar corporation school today we had 30 children at the weekly classes.

Aswaq Asu and Javeed Shaik from Patterns, Aruna Sekar from DI and the three young volunteers from USA and Australia Master Abhishek, master Adhyaksh Kumar and Ms. Aditee conducted the classes today.

The young volunteers had come up with activities for the kids, this was followed by an activity on English sentence formation. Javeed briefed kids on the current affairs.

This being the last class for the young volunteers for the current trip, they had special chocolates and gifts for the children.

The children expressed their sincere thanks to all three of them thru special thank you cards and a special desktop calendar of Vasantham Special School

Dream India is really blessed to get such wonderful, young brilliant minds volunteer for us. The children thoroughly enjoyed today’s session.

Prime Point Srinivasan
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Posted by Natarajan Raman on Thursday, July 13, 2017