Report from our Dream India trustee, ever inspiringSoma Joshi on the classes today.

I eagerly wait for the weekend too..each day spent with them is a day well spent ☺️

Today we learnt few words and sentence making using those words.

Revision of alphabet and numbers done as well for those who don’t know..

Interestingly, few kids parents who are maids also learnt to write their own name as signatures and I invited them to attend the classes as well…3 of them attended today as well.

Volunteers required:

*Days:* Saturdays and Sundays

*Time:* 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm
*Place:* Near Ekya school, chinnapannahalli main road, bangalore – 560037
*Volunteers need:* 10 for approx 20 kids
*Contact:* 9886313582