Project Annalakshmi and Food Sponsorship

*அற்றார் அழிபசி தீர்த்தல்* *அஃதொருவன்**பெற்றான் பொருள்வைப் புழி* *Project Annalakshmi - # Day 30 Adyar CHS Kamaraj Avenue and # Day 14 GHS Mazhaiyur* *Dream India* team received the request from the *Adyar Corporation school* and *GHS Mazhaiyur* HMs and staff to *provide special tiffin* to all the *40 and 38 children* of the *Tenth standard* students [...]

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Dream India Tamil New Year

*அற்றார் அழிபசி தீர்த்தல்* *அஃதொருவன்**பெற்றான் பொருள்வைப் புழி* Dream India  team wishes and thanks the following well wishers for making this day special for the *super special children of God from Vasantham Special School and Home  and wonderful children of Udhavum Nanbargal  home*, lovely children of Payir  home, dear *paatis and thaathas of KK old age home* [...]

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Dream India Food sponsorship April 10

*யாவர்க்குமாம் இறைவற்கு ஒரு பச்சிலை**யாவர்க்குமாம் பசுவிற்கு ஒரு வாயுறை**யாவர்க்குமாம் உண்ணும்போது ஒரு கைப்பிடி**யாவர்க்குமாம் பிறர்க்கு ஒரு இன்னுரை தானே* *Dream India* team  wishes and thanks the following well wishers for making this day special for the  *Children of Udhavum Nanbargal* home and *Payir* home, *SV home for Girls* and super special children of God from *Vasantham Special School and home* [...]

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Pune team Visits Children Foundation

Dream India pune team is back in action and they have always been someone other chapters looked upon to emulate. Some of my wonderful friends are out there from DI Pune.. Deepak Shingan Deepak Pattanshetty Ashish Bhuta Rohit Bhosale Rashmi Kulkarni Gagan Grover Sameer Bordepatil Updates from Deepak bhai: Today morning me and Sameer Sir visited the place. The foundation is new and [...]

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Udhavum Nanbargal Home Educational event

Dream India it is! Excellent time with bunch of lovely kids from Udhavum Nanbargal and my dear DI brothers and sisters! Sanjeevi Prasath Poornima Premchandran Vijaya Lakshmi Aravindhan Kumar Kabilan K Rajender Rajasekar  

Educational Scholarship for kids

Dream India is happy to extend our educational scholarship to students Ms. Dhanalaskhmi and Mr.Kannan, thanks to all our supporters and well wishers for the continuous support. Together We Can!!! Together We Should!!!