Dream India – Diwali For All

Make Diwali a real one for all Children.

Dream India has been working with the children of following rural government schools and home since 2008.

We provide support to the children by conducting educational festivals, educational tours, set up computer labs, assist in teacher salary/stipend, career guidance, mentoring support, educational scholarship for higher education etc.

Majority of these government school children have parents who are working as daily wagers and hence having a new set of dress or sweets or crackers is a real luxury for them. 

Last year we provided “Diwali For All” gift set to 1300 rural children and experienced the real Diwali happiness. This year we want to do for 2300 Children.


This year we have taken steps to reach out to 2300 children and ensure they get the Diwali Gift Set.

We are working with the HM/Staff of the school and have collected the name list of Children. The measurements would be done by them and each one will get a dress as per their measurement. The sweets and snacks also will be arranged by the HM and Staff. 

Each kid will be provided with the Diwali Gift Set – “New Dress, Sweets, Snacks and Sparklers”

GHS Kaatumalaynur
GHS Vaiyavoor
GHS Mazhaiyur
GHS Aranji
GHS Periyanatham
GHS Collector’s Colony
SV home
Chamier Bridge
Kannagi Nagar Study Center
Bangalore Study center
Mumbai study center
Adyar chs, Marudham & kk home (sweets)

Cost of Each Such Kit would be 1200 INR. Total Amount to be raised is 30,00,000 INR.

Kindly note that each of the rupee donated will be used for the benefit of the children. 

We have ZERO admin cost model and all administrative cost, if any, will be taken by Dream India trustees.



We will be able to get the children smile and bring in the REAL Diwali around!

2300 Children will enjoy this Diwali with the support from each one of us!!!

Please check the video from our last year work with Dream India Children – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eIqUpyqSdRI

We are hoping to ensure all these 990 children get the “Diwali Gift Set” with your kind support.

Together We Can!!! Together We Should!!!


UPI ID: dreamindiaedu@icici